[s-cars] clutch replacement

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Mon Aug 4 14:21:58 PDT 2008

So, are you putting things back together already, Jerry?  What clutch  
and flywheel did you decide on?

Bentley knows the specs.  :-)   Generally, he says M6= 7 ft lb. M8 =  
15 ft lb.  M10 = 33 ft lb. and M12 = 44 ft lb.

The M8 clutch bolts call for 18 ft lb. after pressure plate is on  
locating pins and firmly seated.  That's about
all you can do with an allen wrench anyway.

The M10 flywheel bolts call for 33 ft lb. + 1/2 turn.  I believe the  
stretch is allowed in increments if you can't
make the 1/2 turn all at once.  You noticed the bolt holes are offset  
so the flywheel only matches up in one
position?  The OEM bolts are triple-square with a shallow hex head.   
You need to get the tool fully inserted
and square on those to stretch it.  Maybe you want a spare even at  
that price?

The engine assembly/disassembly pages C13-21/22 show 22 ft lb. and  
1/4 turn, but I am certain this is an
error, since the V6 engine calls for 33 ft lb + 1/2 turn also, and  
the 22 ft lb. isn't enough to ensure any bolt
stretch in 1/4 turn.  I just mention this so you will be aware of it  
in case someone saw those numbers and
gave them to you without realizing they conflict with all other parts  
of the manual.

I hope this is helpful and not just confusing.


On Aug 3, 2008, at 5:55 PM, Jerry Scott wrote:

> Does anyone know the torque spec. for the flywheel bolts and the  
> clutch bolts?
> Jerry

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