[s-cars] S-Fest sell-off -- lots of good stuff! (Updated 8/20/08)

Rich Assarabowski konecc at snet.net
Wed Aug 20 16:30:13 PDT 2008

Here's an updated list (as of 8/20/08). Items marked "SPOKEN FOR" means I'm
expecting payment for the item at this weekend's S-Fest, if not received,
they will be available after this weekend. 

I'm selling off my parts accumulation from my urS4 (sold earlier this year),
I'll have everything at S-Fest this weekend. First-come first-serve, please
add shipping cost or pick up at S-Fest. 

-- HRSB (Happersized Rear Sway Bar) for S4/6, new in box, complete with all
hardware (adjustable heim links, brackets, etc.), includes improved John
Tilden brackets and complete instructions - $675 

-- Front strut boot for S4/6, OEM from Audi (P/N 431 412 175D)- $5 

-- S6 Plus tail lights, new in box. Fits all S4 and S6 sedans and avants -

-- 1 roll of Audi OEM tail light gasketing - $15

-- Euro headlight lenses for S4, new in boxes - $130

-- Set of front headlights for S4, glass has always been covered with
plastic headilght protectors so it is like new, one tab is broken on right
side, otherwise in perfect condition - $300 

-- Front license plate frame for S4, original Audi part, fits contour of
bumper, never installed - $60 

-- Set of front corner lights for S4, orange. Very nice condition, no
scratches - $40 

-- Set of front Euro headlights for urQuattro, also fit 81-84 4000 and Coupe
GT, used, need some refurbishment - $75

-- Set of 2 front headrests from 95 S6 Avant (with hole, not solid). Same as
rear headrests for 92-94 except that you need to swap out the posts. These
are in perfect condition, no cracks, splits, leather is like new - $100

-- Front Audi logo mats for S4/6 (P/N 4A1 061 601 5TZ), black (anthracite),
new in sealed bag - $85

-- (2) Bose oval rear deck speakers, very nice, for S4/6 - $45 

-- (2) Bose round door speakers, very nice, for S4/6 - $25

-- Bose amplifier modules, all tested and work fine. These fit all S4's and
S6's and are easily replaceable if you have a dead channel or squealing -
$35 each 

-- Bose rear amplifier, working and tested, for all S4/6 - $75 

-- Rear view mirror from S4 - $$20 

-- Heater air flap motor, red plug, (P/N 4A0 820 511B), tested and works OK.
fits other Audi and VW - $40 

-- Heater air flap motor, blue plug, (P/N 4A0 820 511), tested and works OK,
fits other Audi and VW - $40 

-- Fog light switch (P/N 893 941 535), will fit in any of the blank openings
on the center console of the S4/6. Momentary contact switch, perfect for
switching bi-xenons, headlight levels, etc.)- $20

-- Package of (8) 1.1 watt orange base bulbs, (3) 2 watt green base bulbs
for S4/6 $2 

-- Door plunger for urS4 (button and metal rod) -- $2 

-- (4) headrest clips for S4 front or rear headrests - $2 

-- Set of 4 Samco hoses (red) for S4/6, new. Includes 4th hose which Samco
no longer makes - $300

-- Black plastic fuel rail cover for S4/6 (P/N 034 971 824), perfect
condition, no cracks or splits, looks like new - $40

-- Brake bleeder screw and 2 dust caps from S4 - $2 

-- Valve cover gasket for S4/6, like new - $5 

-- (2) OEM Audi electrical harness tie wraps (basket weave type) as used in
S4/6 engine compartment - $2 

-- Oil pressure switch (P/N 056 919 081E), 1.6-2.0 bar, new. Fits 4000 and
Coupe GT and many VW's - $5 

-- Oil pressure switch (P/N 056 919 081C), 0.15-0.45 bar, new. Fits 4000 and
Coupe GT and many VW's - $5 

-- Rear tail lamp bulb holders for Audi 200 (and others?) - $5 

-- VW alloy wheel centercap (P/N 893 601 171) - $5 

I can be reached at (860) 655-3960 and am located in Vernon, CT. 

Rich A.
konecc at snet.net

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