[s-cars] coolant hose under intake?

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Sat Aug 23 13:03:34 PDT 2008

I had heard this 5 meter minimum from the local dealer parts counter,  
and knew I didn't want to own that much hose.  I recently ordered  
some replacement hose from
GenuineAudiparts.com (Miramar Audi).  I ordered N-020-262-1 which I  
had as the part #, but don't recall where that came from, and  
received one meter of hose for
$19.17.  Since it will make 5 or 6 parts and I want parts for three,  
it seemed a good buy.  It has the genuine part # on the stick-on tag,  
but the stamped lettering along
the length of the hose is a little dim and scuffed so I haven't read  
it all.  The four rings or vw logo may be there somewhere, but I just  
easily see EPDM and it is a 10mm id, 17mm od hose, so it is correct  
for this application.

I'm doing some MAC specific work and don't have the pc laptop handy  
to search the background but I suspect you are looking at the engine  
cooling section and this
is with the turbocharger section - maybe.

Scott Mockry has these cut to size on his web site sjmautotechnik.com.


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> The part number escapes me , but it should be 10mm ID and it has  
> 3mm thick walls.  The local dealer to me said it is sold in 5metre  
> long sections and they didn't have any in stock.  I was not  
> interested in buying 65$ worth of hose, so I asked for suggestions.
> The parts mgr went looking in the stock room to see if they had  
> anything comparable and he came back with an 8" section of high- 
> pressure Hella hose.  It was 10mm ID but had 4mm thick walls.  It  
> was a bit of a pain to get in there, but he gave it to me for free  
> and it is working flawlessly for 6months now.
> It just might be worth a trip to your local dealer too.
> Cheers,
> Graham
>  Graham Hicks
> UrS6Turbo at Yahoo.ca
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> Subject: [s-cars] coolant hose under intake?
> So I checked EKTA and illustration 121-50 doesn't seem to include  
> this hose.
> It's not 034 121 063 C.
> It's 11mm ID, 17mm OD and 167mm long between water pump area and  
> pipe. The
> old one was petrified.
> Anyone know the part number? or where can I find a replacement.
> TIA,
> Doug

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