[s-cars] ‰e: coolant hose under intake

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Sun Aug 24 09:25:19 PDT 2008


I think if you remove the banjo bolt on the other end you can  
probably twist the hose and clamp together to where you can get a nut  
driver on the clamp screw.
You can do most of this by feel if you capture the washers when you  
remove the bolt and force the hose on the tubing first when  
installing but tighten the clamp

Is this friendly local Audi repair man named Lance?  Probably no  
reason not to give him a plug since good shops for s-cars are getting  
more difficult to find.


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> Subject: [s-cars] coolant hose under intake
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> SJM has the proper hose in the proper length with hose clamps for ~ 
> $15.
> I was looking down there today on my 94 S4 as mine has been weeping  
> for a while and summa-nah-biznitch if the clamp in the front isn't  
> facing straight up into the coolant manifold.  :o
> Haven't figured out what to do about that yet (as I got my hose  
> from my local friendly Audi repair man (who has remainder stock  
> from cool local S6 Avant owner who bought the bulk hose)) and do  
> not have replacement clamps.
> Probably dremel it with a cut off wheel and then replace the clamp  
> with new.
> Best regards,
> Kevin B

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