[s-cars] Clutch pedal just went to the floor....

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Aug 28 07:07:26 PDT 2008

How is your clutch hydraulic repair, Aaron?  Did you manage to  
commandeer a helper to operate the clutch pedal while you observe the  
slave cylinder and hose?

If you need a new flexible hose between the master and slave, it is  
about $70 from the dealer.  However, it is a brake fluid hose and  
uses the same fittings as a brake
hose.  I had the flexible part replaced on one for $16 at a local  
hydraulic hose shop.  They had a full array of metric brake line  
fittings and made the repair in about 15
minutes.  The alternative was the dealer part and 3 days delay.  They  
could not make the entire line because of the extreme bends in the  
hard line near the slave
unless they eliminated those, but crimped on a new flexible line on  
the old ends, so be careful with the wrench on those just as you  
would hard brake lines.


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