[s-cars] find my way home - LAC

davekase at pdqlocks.com davekase at pdqlocks.com
Thu Aug 28 13:06:08 PDT 2008

4 hours with a 2007 VW GTi with DSG, roll cage, trick suspension and new
brakes - 350 euros

lap tickets for the Nordschleife  - 21 euros each

4 laps of the Nordschleife - f'ing PRICELESS!!!

1 balls-out lap riding shot gun in an R32 with a older German guy that has
over 4000 laps at the Nordschleife (passing an M5, C6, and various
Porsches) - f'ing PRICELESS

Seeing an orange GT3 Porsche against the barrier pointed the wrong
direction - heart breaking

There simply are no words for this experience.  Absolutely, positively

There is nothing like this on earth.

if zay are in da mirror, der iss a reason, zay are faster dan you, move to
da right...

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