[s-cars] phun with HphAC serphos (Mike Fitton)

Paul Heneghan paul at heneghan.co.uk
Thu Feb 21 02:12:39 PST 2008

ETKA seems very confused over this.  It gets the positions, names (V70,
etc.) and colours correct, but not the functions.  The V68 actuator accessed
from the engine bay under the plenum tray (black connector) is definitely
the temperature one, but whereas ETKA correctly identifies it in 819-40, it
also calls the V85 on 820-10 the "temperature regulating flap".  That's
wrong it should be called the "footwell/defroster flap".

Anyway, the simplest way forward is to service them all (all three).  Start
with the V70 (the one with the blue connector - Central Air Distribution
Flap Motor).  The job of this is described as:

 This actuator (motor) is located on front of heater box. The
 central air distribution flap is used to distribute airflow to
 instrument panel vents or to footwell/defroster outlets. A
 potentiometer, inside motor, indicates position of air distribution
 flap to A/C-heater control panel as a feedback value.

You get to it by removing the central console, driver's storage compartment,
glove box, and the two large right-angle air hose pieces 4A0 819 337
(819-30).  AT least that's what I did on my UK cars.

Next, do the V85 (red connector).

Both the V70 and V85 can be tested when you've got everything apart by
plugging their connectors back in, plugging the CC head back in and turning
on the ignition.  If you fiddle with the settings, you can see if the
actuators move.

Finally do the V68 underneath the plenum tray.  Bt the way, it is NOT
necessary to remove any windscreen wiper bits on RHD cars, but probably
necessary on LHD cars.

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>A couple weeks ago I pulled my carpet out for some cleaning.  While it's
>being denastified I decided to do a nice long list of while-I'm-at-its.
>Item number 9 or so is to figure out just what's wrong with these
>flapper motors.  I'm trying to distill a lot of conflicting information.
>Exhibit A: VAG-COM shows faults in V68, V70, and V71.  I don't remember
>the exact wording, but it sounded scary.
>Exhibit B: Some bloke in the UK is saying that the central flap actuator
>can fail and cause the other two to throw codes.  This is also cited in
>an AW post about four years ago.  He says the "central flap motor" is
>V70, p/n 4A0 820 511.  bib:
>Exhibit C: ETKA disagrees with nomenclature.  It shows 4A0 820 511,
>remarked V70, as actuator motor for fresh air flap.  It also shows this
>part with the main blower fan that sits on top of the firewall under the
>hood, though the part in question appears to sit on the little tray guy
>that sits under the dash.  It's illustration 820-10.
>I'm starting to get cross-eyed trying to reconcile all this information,
>so I need a reality check.  The part I need to replace/refurbish is
>indeed under the dash behind the radio with the blue harness, right?
>Also, some have said that this tray thingy with the two motor thingies
>in it can come out without removing the entire dash.  That sounds rosy
>and all until I get in there and try to actually do it.  Console's
>already out, and glovebox can come out easily if need be, but the two
>large right-angle air duct duders, while not at all tight, are still
>being very stubborn about coming out.  And even if they did, it's still
>looking pretty impossible to get the tray out.  Any suggestions on that
>part as well?

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