[s-cars] ATF fluid in the reservoir : What to do?

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--------  It is the black/dark cylinder mounted on or close to the firewall, with one round/serrated nut on top.    There is one (or 2?) master cylinders just above the drivers footwell area but inside the engine compartment .   One has a little rectangular fluid res.  , I checked it too and it has green/blue color fluid.   I guess  the ATF has not gone everywhere, maybe? ?    So, if that be true, then maybe I won't have to rebuild/replace All the cylinders .   ...Thanks,         ... Stephen R.
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  ATF in the BRAKE Fluid

  or ATF in the power steering reservoir?

  BIG difference!


  At 01:11 PM 2/26/2008 -0800, Stephen Redford wrote:
  >--------  There has been a stupid error by the Repair Shop that 
  >"Worked" on my '85 Urq and I just found out.   They bled the brakes 
  >and replaced the fluid with ATF.   I just found out by checking the 
  >Invoice again then looking in the container.    What is the best way 
  >to remedy the problem.   Should I just remove the Red fluid from the 
  >reservoir and fill it with Pentosin and then bleed the 
  >brakes??  What could have been harmed by the ATF in the system , 
  >that I should check before I drive the car, when I get it 
  >started...I'm still reinstalling the MegaSquirt ECU, etc.   Does 
  >pumping the peddle many times apply here , in some way?  They had 
  >told me that they bled the brakes and were going to go to the 
  >SmogShop for the Test, but that after just a few blocks, the breaks 
  >locked up.  That is All the info they gave me.    Thanks In Advance 
  >,     ... Stephen Redford '85Urq with More Problems than I need right now.
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