[s-cars] Garage project (NAC)

Mark Strangways StrangConst at rogers.com
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How about foam underpadding ?
It's not much per sqft, mulit density... but ugly.
You maybe can cover it with a dark thin cloth.

I am running out of ideas now.

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> It is a 25 x 40 room, with a 12 foot ceiling. I'd say every bit of it is a 
> reflective surface. That amounts to 3560 square feet. Covering 50% is not 
> an option. I'm hoping some "apprpriately" placed items will do the trick.
> Dave
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> Matress foam is a good fire retardant sound dampening material. Used foam
> attress is the cheapest source for it. There's always some for sale in
> ocal papers.
> Beside, you don't need to cover the full area. Check what seems to be the
> ost reflective surfaces (empty walls, ceiling) and cover 50% of the area.
> t should be enough since you don't need a anechoic chamber.
> Another solution is to paint a thick layer of tar, like the waterproofing
> aterial for roofs, but the smell in hot days may not be that agreable.
> incent.
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> hanks for all the suggestions.? I'm thinking the foam panel idea may be 
> the
> asiest.? Yeah, I know the fire issue, but I believe some of the insulating
> oards are retardant.? I figure a couple of 2' x 4' sections up near the 
> top
> f the walls, and a couple on the ceiling should hopefully do it.
> The space is not huge (25 x 40 x 12), but the best I could excavate into 
> the
> ountain behind my house.? Numerous larger tools (tire changer, balancer,
> ool box, lift, press) will be going in as well, and should also help 
> reduce
> eflection.
> Tom, to your envy.... this has been a long time coming, and nearly 2 years
> o complete (don't ask).? I've dreamed of a workspace like this since I was
> n high school.? Nothing about building a garage like this makes any
> inancial sense... but as the years go by, laying under a car on your back
> n the cold loses it luster.??Cars are?my favorite hobby, and that's how I
> ationalize it to myself!!!
> Dave
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> Dave,?
> am so envious of this project. I would give up half the house for such a
> arage/workshop. Three or four bays and a recreation/ library and bath 
> above
> ould eliminate most of the need to?
> isit the house. :-)?
> orry, I don't have any specific positive recommendations for the noise. If
> t is attached to the house, there may be paths to carry it inside as well.
> caution you about trying to use ordinary?
> oam or other similar materials since most do not meet fire code if left
> xposed. I expect the interior is somewhat empty when showing it off,
> specially the new floor, which provides a lot?
> ore flat reflective surfaces. A few of the cushion mats for extended
> tanding and other equipment and vehicles can help interrupt the sound 
> paths
> hen the garage is in full operation.?
> here are professionals that do sound analysis for public space design, but
> ou can probably get what you need by just observing the layout of service
> enters you regularly visit, and add?
> stop at a few more just to look and listen. You quickly pick up which ones
> ontrol noise best just holding a short conversation in them, and probably
> ee why.?
> t may be that the dirt or Kaolin clay (kitty litter) is a great sound
> bsorber :-) and a full shop is less noisy than an empty one. :-)?
> om?
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> ?
> So... my "dream car garage" nears completion.? I just finished > putting
> own 25 mils of industrial grade epoxy on the floor (piece > of cake, I
> ight add), and it is gorgeous.?
> ?
> It is basically ready to move in, but an annoying problem has > surfaced.?
> hadn't really noticed while working in the garage > alone, but when there
> re a few people inside talking, you can > barely understand each other...
> he echoes/reverberation are > unbelievably bad.?
> ?
> So, to those of you?that may have?experience, what is a good way of >
> educing this to a tolerable level?? I've researched acoustic > panels,
> tc... but the cost is a bit extreme for a garage.? I do > feel I must do
> omething, as I can't even imagine what an impact > wrench might sound
> ike.?
> ?
> Any ideas appreciated...?
> ?
> Dave?
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