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Mister V-

All I know is I just learned from one of the Porsche forums that the car belongs to Coco Chinetti, formerly of Cos Cob, CT (Jean Baloney's roommate possibly?).  Why the window tag reads "Quebec" is beyond my brain (as with most).  And V, I've a herniated DISC (lumbar) not hernia, silly - not from that ohsolight Ferrari, dunno how it happened actually but it does _suck_ royally huge hairy nads.

Now...  what I've found eye opening, not to mention humbling...

I'm now active in 2 Audi boards and 2 Porsche boards (930).  Um *WOW* are there some real f'n Super F'n Heroes in the Porsche world.  Sure, it's a Porsche you say.  But I'da really thunk that the 930 being verymuch an older model that the "crowd" would be "similar" in constitution to the Audi bunch.  

Well, um, nope, we're not.  I say "WE" cause I'm waaaaaaay farfarfarfar more amongst me peers here than there (heck, even more here than over @ AWD2 at times).  Seems all the 930'ers have or have had bunches of vintage supercars, and their 930s have bunchesofbunches of moola spilling out of every gasket - some seriously nice builds out there, like mods alone costing more than all me junk added up in their entireties (one exception here I just learned this week - one to remain anonymous lister here has owned a friggin ___246GT Dino___ since 1974 - *the RAT* 8-)!!!)

Not only that, seems all the 930 folk know some other Super Hero.  2 guys there yesterday were talking about having hung with Leno.  WTF?  Then this guy ^^^^ who was like neighbors or something with Coco Chinetti (Luigi was first Ferrari US importer for those unaware).  

Yeah sure, me too.

Um...  no.  Apparently I'm the only guy there sans 7 figure income, bank account, house, etc.  

ANYwho, just thought I'd note that - for no particular reason whatsoever.  Just when you think you're doing alright for yerself, there's a world out there to kick you and remind you of the Plebian you really are 8-).  Not that I'm complaining (and I know, FU, I'm a DICK, etc. heh heh)!  Just found it surprising, again being such an old car.

Here is where I belong (cringe, everyone) - ***ques "I love you guys"***...

-Paul and now for something completely different...  a man with three buttocks K.

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I couldn't help but notice that this utterly beautiful piece of white
machinery normally reside much closer to Montreal, so I NEED to know where
exactly in Quebec it resides so you're not the only lucky one owning an
hernia to such a Ferrari ;-)

I also need to learn more about the space folding theory to make CT closer
to Montreal but that's for next month (Yes, I know a NT is a very useful
tool to fold space but I would need some hands-on practice on how to make it
achieve this goal)


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