[s-cars] Winter door latch woes...

David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Fri Jan 18 08:00:21 PST 2008

I removed my latch and disassembled it for a good cleaning and relube.  
It wasn't bad and it works like new.

This was on a CQ but I imagine its the same.

going near Paulieland on Sunday...

chris chambers wrote:
> Steve,
> if it's the same latch as a UrS4, then read on:
> The latch has a spring that "gunks" up.
> Our black 93 had this problem, pulled the latch out of the door
> twice to clean and lube it, each time it reoccured ~ 6 months later.
> Finally listened to another lister (can't recall the name) and soaked
> the latch assembly in transmission fluid for 24+ hours.
> Latch then operated smoothly, and has for the last 2 years.
> To remove the latch you have to remove the door panel and window
> assembly. It isn't a fun job, especially in the cold.
> Chris
> --- "Young, Steve" <sryoung at trane.com> wrote:
>> Lister help needed...
>> Driver's door latch froze up on the A6 the other day so that the
>> outer door handle wouldn't open the door.  Got the door open using
>> the inner latch, but then the door wouldn't shut and just bounced off
>> the jam.  Frozen/cruddy latch that needs lubrication, I know.  Pulled
>> into the barn, and removed the inner door panel to see if I could see
>> anything wrong.  Well as you know, access to the latch mechanism is
>> terrible.  The latch thawed, and started working on it's own, but the
>> cable for the inner door handle must have come off because now the
>> inner handle won't operate the latch.  Any BTDT's on how to access
>> the latch for cable re-attachment and lubrication?  This may sound
>> stupid, but where do I lubricate the latch?  Already STFA'd here and
>> the A6 forums, and S-cars, with no real help.  Rolling down the
>> window and reaching out to get the door open is embarrassing.....TIA
>> Regards,
>> Steven Young
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