[s-cars] Installing Torsen diffs and disabling EDL on a

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Thu Jan 24 21:06:56 PST 2008

Ok... Torsen Boy is back from the 'boat....
Calvin, I'm with you all the way, the reality is that the electronics are  
catching up with the simple days of locking diffs....   It really  boils down to 
driver training.  A good driver will be able to outperform  EDL and ESP 
because a drift *can* be better than none.  But in a straight  line, the 
combination of EDL, ESP, and TCS (throttle control systems) is all but  impossible to 
After a rousing 2 days at Steamboat, a well trained driver will do better  
with a couple of locked diffs.  So much so, that a lowly normally aspirated  4kq 
with locked diffs, was able to chase down all the turbo cars on that  track.  
Sure in the straights (just like tarmac) I got passed by all those  big dogs, 
but that was only 2 turns of 10....  
I'll also note that I took a ride in Pederson's q'wagon with the rear bias  
center torsen center rear.  Seemed really twitchy to me, I really believe  that 
fighting a static understeer car with rear torque bias, creates a bigger  
problem than it solves....  Even Mike P had his hands full after so many of  
those world wide ice driving schools.
It's new vs old school IMO.  I say the edge goes to electronics in a  
straight line.  In a low/mixed mu surface like steamboat mimicking the real  winter 
world in which we drive, the old dual locker still holds the prize  for 
predictability.  Ride with Brendan or Chad however, you can experience  how a couple 
of nutballs can confuse all those electronics and still give us  locker boys a 
run for the money.
My .02 arbitraged thru the peso
S 'torsen boy' J

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