[s-cars] 2000 A4 1.8t new owner questions

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Mon Jul 7 10:21:31 PDT 2008

Wylie, that info is wrong. On my 2004 1.8T 4Motion, the VW recommended 
service interval for the t-belt is 80k, Bentley books recommends 60k. 
Inspection of belt  is advised every 20k. I am guessing that Audi would be 
the same.


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> I think (although I wouldn't advise it) that the service interval for the 
> t-belt in MY2000+ is 105K.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.  It should 
> have the updated tensioner and I think they upped the interval.  Mine let 
> go on our 99.5 1.8T @ 90K and it wasn't pretty.  Luckily the bottom end 
> survived and it was only a head rebuild to be back in business.  I did the 
> work myself (except the actual rebuilding of the head) and it still cost 
> me $2K (including t-belt parts, rollers, tensioners, seals, valves, 
> gaskets,etc).  Aside from that, look over the suspension as the control 
> arms tend to get worn and cause sloppy handling, etc.
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> ---- K Hayes <abiglizard at mac.com> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I just had a friend purchase an a4 with 100k miles.  They asked my to
>> give them a few things to look for with the new ownership.  The car
>> seems to be taken care of.  I don't know if the timing belt has been
>> changed and that should have happened at 80,000 miles, right?  The
>> only other thing that I know can be a problem on the 1.8t is the
>> vacuum hoses can be a pain.  I had a friend replace all vacuum lines
>> to eliminate some gremlins that were lurking.  So any other input and
>> advise would be appreciated.
>> The other question I have is who are the good shops to go to for
>> service in Boulder?
>> Thanks,
>> Kenny Hayes
>> Fort Collins, CO

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