[s-cars] Saw my first A5

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 13:38:02 PDT 2008

i wasn't thinking of the engine block, oil pan (like BMW making a hole in the oil pan for the xi), or other naughty bits.  but all of the usual hardware attached to the engine may end up a lot closer to the firewall than in the B5/C5 chassis.  

by the way, i'm having trouble digesting that word salad you threw in at the end.  :)


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Actually, the axle runs through a line that would go through the bell
housing/flywheel region, so there is no intersection with the engine
block itself. It's a question of whether or not it'll bolt up to the
bellhousing, which is pretty much an as things were situation all over


On 7/7/08, Theodore Chen <tedebearp at yahoo.com> wrote:
i wonder how well that will work with the new MLP
chassis.  the engine and transmission are behind the front
axle now.  i don't know if the 2.7T will bolt up.

might be easier to add turbos to the 3.2 FSI.

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Well, I guess I'll have to stand by my original comments...

The A or S5 6 speed will make a perfect project car for a 2.7tt
transplant in 6 or 7 years when they only bring $15k in the market.

I'll wait? ;-)

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As Taka pointed out, the plumbing is easier, and the apparent intent is
that it'll nestle between the cylinder banks.? That being said, I'd
prefer a turbo myself, more fuel efficient and more tunable, although
I'm willing to bet that's part of the reason Audi wouldn't want to go
that route.?

FWIW, the same column said that the RS4 will retain the V8, possibly blown.


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Yep, I have an '01 S4 too... nobody should be able to complain about
stock configuration throttle?response from that engine design.

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They have the lag dialed out these days. My '01 S4 has no detectable lag. A big difference after driving an S2 for a year.?
I concur. A supercharger ain't the way to go.?
djdawson2 at aol.com wrote:?
> Hmm... you'd think they would stick to their core competency.? If
there's one thing Audi has always done well, it is building good turbo
engines.? Why not continue that theme?? Superchargers are heat
factories... not sure why they'd want to go in that direction, unless
the market just can't deal with a little lag.?
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> Audi is going back to blowers now (the neu-S4 will be a single SC
V6) but the belt driven kind. > (Autoweek 30 June 2008)?
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