[s-cars] no boost, turbo starts to spool - but goes no farther

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
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Another common cause of this behaviour was the manifold pressure hose to the
ECU popping off behind the plastic cover on the firewall or at the ECU. This
happened to me while I was passing a car and it was like hitting a brick
wall. When the ECU loses the pressure signal it shuts down the turbo and the
engine goes into "naturally aspirated" mode. This, however, is a condition
that doesn't cure itself until you put the hose back on.

Regarding Mike's suggestion, I know of one car that had a split in an intake
hose on the pressure side that would hold boost pressure to a certain point
and then open up, dumping pressure and boost.

If your car is overboosting, the ECU will shut off boost to protect the
engine. Is the car chipped? Has the wastegate screw been cranked down? You
may want to install a boost gauge to see what boost levels you are getting.



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Sounds almost exactly like a standard intake system leak.  Only thing
that I find strange is that it halfway repaired itself that one time.
Look around the intake system for leaks and/or pressure test it for real.


Jake Gaty wrote:
> I have been having nothing but problems with my Ur-S6, the PO really
promised me a great running car, but really he was just milking money out of
me. I was driving on the freeway the other morning passing a car in 5th
gear - the car started to boost like normal but then when i was parallel
with the car my boost cut out completely and i was stuck with no power.
Startled, I got to my destination and turned the car off. When I got back in
a number of hours later, the car boosted just fine again, for about a pull,
but then the turbo would spool no longer.
> the only thing that has changed performance wise in the car was a custom
exhaust that was put in about 3 weeks ago - consists of a magnaflow Y pipe
after the cats into 2.5 inch piping to a straight through muffler in the
> I dont think that would be causing any issues but I just thought I might
put that in there
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