[s-cars] S2 Sedan rarity?

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You're killing me... I'm Switzerland right now and saw 1 RS2, 3 S2's(2 avants,1 coupe), 1 S6+, 1 R8, 1 RS6 Avant, 2 B5 RS4's and countless other audi modelos TODAY. It's (Audi) the freaking Honda of Switzerland ;-)))
As for the S2 Sedan, Forgie is correctomundo and I want one baaaaaad.

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Dave commented

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> Hah!  I knew I was being too bold.  306?  none?  What's the
> difference?  
>   ;-)
> Kase

OK 'll venture out on this mathmatical branch.

None mathmaticly means 0 aka zero.
We want to determine the difference so our equation starts as:

306 - none  

but we know that none = 0 aka zero so we can substitute 0 for none

306 - 0 

and by basic subtraction we determine that
306 - 0 = 306

So your answer was off by 306.

Now if the answer was 1 instead of 0 then:
306 - 1 = 305 you would have been off by.
In this case your answer would have been off by 305%, but because the
answer was 0 you are off by more than 305%.


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