[s-cars] Fuel injector code

David Forgie forgied at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 14 19:49:55 PDT 2008

Jerry Scott suggested:

"The code 4411 is the code that you get when the CPS is bad.

While the 4411 code might be real and it might be associated with a bad
Cam Position Sensor, the real CPS fault blink code is 2113 (BTDT):


That said, several members, e.g. Bob Myers, had a bad CPS that never once 
thru the 2113 code, yet when the CPS was replaced, all the strange engine
dieing while running, etc. problems went away.

Bottomline: Always suspect the CPS when something wierd is going on, even if
you don't get a 2113 code.

Here is some CPS info:


Here is a replacement procedure:


The CPS itself (as the Hall Vane Sensor BBHME301) can be purchased from BB Automacao at:


Dave F. 

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