[s-cars] Re; Out for das Fest/What to see in Germany?

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Wed Jul 16 08:16:13 PDT 2008

Here is one comprehensive site for the ring, very British in flavor,  
but everything you wanted to know.  http://www.nurburgring.org.uk/

Check out the prices for an uneventful trip and then the costs for  
damaging the armco.  :-)   Makes a trip with Sabine sound like a  
bargain.   Keith Maddock was the real ring hoare from the list, lived  
in Koblenz for a year or two-- has a few thousand miles on the  
nordschlife--and owns at least part of a ring car.  http:// 

The factory tours are available for each vehicle, but you may have to  
do a virtual tour on the web for part of them if you can only invest  
a couple of days,
otherwise it would all be spent on the autobahn or train.  The  
Frankfurt-Hahn airport is close to Koln and has the low cost airlines  
for european travel, but
I have no experience with them.  I just know the autobahn around  
Frankfurt will be clogged with traffic and somewhat impede a speedy  
dash to Stuttgart and
on to Munich and back through Ingolstadt in a couple of days.  Looks  
like some serious time management and prioritizing will be required  
for this trip, i.e., night train and daytime tour.  But then, you  
miss out on driving the autobahn--there are still some areas without  
speed limits--even if you do have to drive a
diesel.  You'll need reservations for almost everything except the  

If you are after cheese, head the other direction, toward Denmark for  
dairy country.  :-)



On Jul 16, 2008, at 8:13 AM, Dave Kase wrote:

> Thanks Tom.  I was checking out the Nurburgring website last night  
> but getting frustrated trying to translate it.
> David Kase
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> PDQ Industries
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> Tom Green wrote:
>> The cathedral in Cologne survived WW2 and is a most impressive
>> structure to see first hand.  A trip down the Rhine or along the  
>> Rhine
>> road is the place to see castles.  These are ancient structures and
>> most impressive from the river rather than up close.
>> But why spend your time looking.  You'll be close to Nurburgring--
>> take a ride on it--ring taxi if you can't drive it.
>> http://www.nurburgring.org.uk/taxi.html
>> Tom
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>>> I am (almost) officially out for this year's fest (just breaks your
>>> heart - don't it?) as I am headed to Germany for the first time on
>>> August 23rd.  I will be in the Cologne area for business and will
>>> have a
>>> couple extra days to see the sights.
>>> I know several of you have been to Germany - what do I want to  
>>> see/do?
>>> Does Audi have a tour of the factory?  BMW?  I know Porsche does  
>>> and I
>>> plan to do that.  Any suggestions?
>>> TIA,
>>> Kase
>>> cheeseman cometh home...
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