[s-cars] Tire choices for S-car

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Of that batch, I'd go with the Exclaim UHP hands down.

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Time for new tires on the Audi.

What would you choose and why:

   * Falken Azenis ST-115 - $118 (shipping included) - this is what I
     am currently running and have liked them so far.  Front tires at
     wear bars, back tires bald.
   * Sumitomo HTR-Z - $61 + shipping. - Old design, but still in prodiction
   * Sumitomo HTR-Z II - $79 + shipping
   * Kumho ECSTA AST - $85 + shipping (didn't like the old Kumho 712's,
     but heard  that they have improved)
   * General Exclaim UHP - $87 + shipping (don't know numthing about these)
   * Fuzion ZRi - $98 + shipping
   * Dunlop SP8000 - $104 + shipping - $50 rebate of 4 which would
     cover shipping and that a little.

Daily driver, 25k miles a year, usually get a set of tires to last 12 months. 


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