[s-cars] A6 2.7t info request

Steve Marinello smarinello at entouch.net
Mon Jun 2 18:37:47 PDT 2008

A rather low mileage A6 2.7t has appeared that is piquing my interest 
wrt the 16 year old.  Yeah, I know 250hp stock.  Anyway, other than the 
fact that it is an unappealing color, it seems at first glance to be in 
near perfect shape.  One owner.  Manual transmission.  No sport 
suspension (can be added as a project for instructional purposes).  
Extended warranty.  66k on it now.  Can't see any leaks or anything.  
Can't see how an 8 year old car can look so good.

Anyway, what are the 'gotta check' items and things to look for and 
consider?  Typical brake upgrade path, I assume.  No APR at this point.  
Probably Koni FSD/EIbachs for the suspension. 

I don't really know much about thes cars, only that there's more room 
under the hood than with the S4.  Pricing?

Oh, he got a job today...busboy at one of the pseudo-Italian restaurants 
around here.  This should be interesting, with gas at over $4 a gallon.



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