[s-cars] Troubleshoot a no start issue

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Wed Jun 11 10:35:23 PDT 2008

I like this one to add to the list, Brooke.  Perhaps because it is
something new and can be easily checked with swapping parts.
At least it's not just a rehash of everything already tried.  I would
bet the MAF would have left a trouble code if it were so far out of
whack that the engine won't fire, but I would swap mine if I ran out
of ideas.

You have mentioned exhaust restriction as a remote possibility.  I
would make sure there is no intake restriction as well.   I had to
remove a mouse nest from the A4 after being gone only 3 weeks.
It wasn't totally blocked but close.


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> It is on the list of things to try... ...thanks!
> Brooke
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> I'm a little late to the thread but have you tried to see if the  
> vacuum idle
> maintaining device is jammed?
> I had a similar problem. If I pinched the air hose entering the  
> vacuum valve
> about 90% while starting the car it would run no problem, if I let  
> go it
> would die immediately.
> I took it apart and soaked it in brake fluid until all the carbon  
> build up
> was gone and it would rotate properly again.
> Re-installed and presto, I'm driving again. I saw you did alot of  
> in-depth
> testing, maybe it is something simple.
> Hope this doesn't seem like a dumbass thing to try.
> Andreas

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