[s-cars] Left Coast UrS-car groups and events

David Forgie forgied at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 17 22:26:17 PDT 2008

George suggested a lack of Left Coast UrS-car groups or activities.  I know this forum is dominated
by East Coasters but other forums, including AudiWorld have fairly strong contingents of UrS-car
owners from California, Washington and British Columbia (and a few from Oregon).  I know there 
are quite a few UrS enthusiasts in the San Fran/Bay area (including our own VinnieB) and in the San 
Diego area (fewer than San Fran).

There is a strong group in the Seattle area as well as the group I "organize" in the Vancouver BC area.

There is a big Audi event in the Seattle area next week (June 28th):


We also hope to stage S-Fest West again in mid-September in Washington State.  It will never be as 
big or as good as the real S-Fest but then again we don't have as many owners to draw from and our
distances (without population) are greater. Still it's a tight group of UrS-car owners getting together
for fun, food and beverages.

Dave F. 

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