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Duck / Duke, Beemer / Bimmer - tomato tomatto.  Besides, I used Duc in my sig - STANLEY...

Besides, FUIHANT!


Nice, didn't know you had a Monster.  Wicked cool.  I just love the fact that I *always* know when one is around me based off sound alone.  They should can that.

Speaking of sound...  naaaa, I won't...  muwhaahaaa...

-Paul FU K.

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Nice stable Rich!  The 888 was a '94.  Number 50 of 100 built worldwide.
Yes, I shouldn't have sold it but I just wasn't riding it.  I used the
money for dirt machines for me and my son.  No, the M900 is not a real
'Foggy'. Just a decent beater with custom paint.

> aaah, another duc owner.
> nice, nice 888. amazed you sold that one, dave. looked like a very
> nice example. so, it that a real 'foggy' this time?
> i have 6 bikes here - 3 of them ducs. an '06 PS1000LE (a 'paul smart'
> for the rest of you), an '03 ST4s (my tourer) and a '95 900ss (a real
> beauty. loads of carbon. bought from a friend's 30 bike collection).
> would take too long to run down all the upgrades on all 3 - farkling
> is fun!! <g>
> rich
> On Jun 25, 2008, at 9:14 AM, davekase at pdqlocks.com wrote:
>> Hold on just a darn second here!  Ducati?
>> I skip one off-topic thread and it turns into something about
>> Ducati's????!!!!
>> O.K. - first Paulie boy, its DUCK not DUKE. sheesh...  Monster?
>> Gots one
>> right now.
>> Who's getting one anyway?  Old Man Baloney?
>> I have owned several Ducks and the Monster is my favorite to ride.
>> get carbon pipes.  I also have waaaaaay cool carbon fiber timing belt
>> covers with stainless mesh so's you can watch stuff whirl.
>> Also MUST have a vented clutch cover.  My current clutch cover is cut
>> right in half so you not only hear the rattle but you can get pant
>> legs
>> and curious small children caught in there.
>> Sorry for snoozing guys.
>> http://audicqturbo.googlepages.com/ducati
>> Cheeseman

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