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 A little competition for the mistress we call quattro?? Mark, I remember many a discussion regarding you using your s-wagon for trailer duty.? Glad to hear you figured out a bit of 'merican iron is better suited to the task.? Unlike you boys with the exotics, I went the basic Hapersize route 15 years ago and dropped a detuned Kenny Black prepped 1387cc big block into a 500lb 85 FJ...? With 40mm RS Mikunis and MSD wasted spark coils all stuffed into the narrow stock bodywork, she cuts corners with brute torque and wheel in the air post-apex antics just not found finessing the newer road course bikes....? At the quarter mile (my personal best 10.05 at 143) she looks like a bucket of antique bolts, but launches from the lights with very little drama.? 

Good to see others enjoy the speed of the 2 wheel variety as well. Fast in a car is relative to what you also drive...

Cheers and finger point salute...

Scott J 
85 FJ1387 


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PK, Dave, and Rich

I could not help myself- when I saw that someone else on this list likes
888's   I have a real big Passion for them.--- along with my other passions
that Mr. Paul knows about---

I have been tracking two 888  Corse's for over 10 years--kind of fun to buzz
along with the young guys on the new bikes-- good thing corners take skill
and not just HP because even the new street bikes outgun my factory race
bikes built in the early '90's.

Not sure many on this list remember but I used my Avant to tow my bikes to
tracks in the Midwest, Canada, and up and down the East coast until I got
smart and finally bought an old Astro after 8 years of turning my turbo red
going through the mountains in PA.

I have now have Four Corse's-  a '90 Corse I built up from factory parts,
Doug Polans' Ferracci 91 AMA bike, a Ferracci built '94 955 AMA bike, and a
'94 Corse I built up from factory parts.   I love rebuilding the
heads/motors during the winter since the factory Corse heads and motor
internals are all chrome like polished jewelry .  I have crashed over the
years but it after I get over the mental pain I just rebuild them over the
winter.  Ferracci acted like my mainline supplier of parts(drug of
choice)--I bought most of them after the 916 Corse's came out so I got them
before they dried up.  I will keep them on the track until I run out of

My street bike used to be a '90 SP2 I bought as salvage and restored in my
basement but I would get stupid on the street after coming back from the
track.  So to counter that stupidity as I approach 60 I built a BMW/2
conversion bike. It is an Earles fork 1969 BMW frame with a 1978 R80 motor,
a four leading shoe front brake I pulled off a wrecked 1972 Yamaha TD-2 GP
bike, big tank, solo seat, and police bags.  This conversion looks funky and
yet it keeps up with traffic and actually stops.  It just does not corner so
I do not try too hard-- I keep that stuff at the track.

Probably way more info then anyone wanted to read-- back to lurking.

On 6/25/08 10:32 AM, "Rich Beebe" <rich at beebecomm.com> wrote:

> aaah, another duc owner.
> nice, nice 888. amazed you sold that one, dave. looked like a very
> nice example. so, it that a real 'foggy' this time?
> i have 6 bikes here - 3 of them ducs. an '06 PS1000LE (a 'paul smart'
> for the rest of you), an '03 ST4s (my tourer) and a '95 900ss (a real
> beauty. loads of carbon. bought from a friend's 30 bike collection).
> would take too long to run down all the upgrades on all 3 - farkling
> is fun!! <g>
> rich
> On Jun 25, 2008, at 9:14 AM, davekase at pdqlocks.com wrote:
>> Hold on just a darn second here!  Ducati?
>> I skip one off-topic thread and it turns into something about
>> Ducati's????!!!!
>> O.K. - first Paulie boy, its DUCK not DUKE. sheesh...  Monster?
>> Gots one
>> right now.
>> Who's getting one anyway?  Old Man Baloney?
>> I have owned several Ducks and the Monster is my favorite to ride.
>> get carbon pipes.  I also have waaaaaay cool carbon fiber timing belt
>> covers with stainless mesh so's you can watch stuff whirl.
>> Also MUST have a vented clutch cover.  My current clutch cover is cut
>> right in half so you not only hear the rattle but you can get pant
>> legs
>> and curious small children caught in there.
>> Sorry for snoozing guys.
>> http://audicqturbo.googlepages.com/ducati
>> Cheeseman
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