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is a  hybrid really more environmentally friendly?  it may use less gasoline 
in  city driving, but what about the environmental impact of its battery  pack?

Yea - those batteries are going to be a _huge_ hazmat problem  and from what 
I read, they have a service life of 3 years. We are already  seeing hazmat 
issues with the wonderfully popular compact  fluorescent light bulbs. Mercury 
don't you know. AND.....electric motors produce  O-zone! All the greenies are 
peculiarly silent about this.Has everyone forgotten  about the greenhouse gases 
that are created when our nasty fossil fuel car  exhausts react with sunlight 
and produce Ozone?
It's more complex than just foreign oil!!!!
In Denver when it gets up into the high 90's we have rolling "brown outs"  as 
the power grid cannot handle the load. Gee lets plug all our cars into  that!!
Many solutions look attractive until you start looking at the numbers when  
the majority of vehicles use it.
America is full of lemmings with money!

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