[s-cars] NAC - Can Anyone Run a VIN for Me?

Nathan Belo nathan at license2sell.com
Sat Jun 28 10:06:12 PDT 2008

Prius vs. M3 (Top Gear) . The Prius was driven all out, the M3 just had 
to keep pace. The results: Prius - 17.2 mpg, M3 - 19.4 mpg. The BMW got 
12% better gas mileage than a Prius!  Their point is that it is not 
necessarily the car you drive, but how you drive it.  Drive it like you 
stole it!


Nathan Belo
Seattle, WA
'92 Pearl/Ecru S4// IA III+, CGR 6-spd, 2B BR

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