[s-cars] NAC - Can Anyone Run a VIN for Me?

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Maybe the new gas $ crunch will make Audi see the error of their ways and
they will bring back the turbo to the S-Car lineup.  I mean I can almost get
the kind of numbers they are quoting for the A4 2.0 in my chipped 2.7T S4.

Low gearing, like in the Vette, has long been a way to get good MPG out of
even carbureted V-8s.  I had a small block with a very wide ratio 4 speed
and 2.73 rear gears in an'80 Z28 that got around 22mpg on the highway with a
carb that ran solidly into the 14's in the 1/4 mile.  Back in the early 90's
that wasn't too bad.


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A corvette can do 30mpg at a steady 75-80mph. Just keep it in 6th. Yes, I
have first-hand experience with that as well.

Most of the new Audis get terrible gas mileage. The current A4 2.0T isn't
bad, though- you can definitely do about 24mpg around town and close to 30
on the highway.

The Corvette is kind of an anomaly, though- the car isn't that fast if
you're caught off-guard in 6th gear- you have to drop it down to 4th or even
3rd depending on how fast you're going.

I'll happily drive around in the Miata anyway- you can't beat having that
much fun on the street and still get 25mpg.

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