[s-cars] NAC - Can Anyone Run a VIN for Me?

Floyd Noel floyd.noel at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 21:26:52 PDT 2008

Check out the Audi TT TDI. Perhaps an S car with diesel soon? From  
what I've read the most popular engine for the A8 in Europe is the  
4.2l diesel. Also the recent R8 with a diesel V12 is sort of an S  
car.... R car? UrR? Also the new Q7 TDI would be nice under the bonnet  
of an S-car, IMHO.

Floyd Noel
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On Jun 29, 2008, at 18:44, Theodore Chen <tedebearp at yahoo.com> wrote:

> if you check miata.net, the mileage i've been getting is typical.   
> it's also consistent with the mileage that a couple of other miata- 
> owning friends are getting.  if you keep it below 75 in the bay  
> area, you'll get run over.
> at one point, my mileage dropped to about 25, and i checked codes  
> and changed the O2 sensor.  that brought it back up.
> the point is, a corvette C5 or C6 can get high 20s with a lot of  
> freeway driving (first-hand experience from a couple of vette owners  
> in the local car club), and my wife's 330i is getting 27 mpg.
> i think the problem is the miata's relatively short gearing.  the  
> lotus elise is also not particularly impressive in the mpg  
> department, considering that it weighs <2000 lbs and has a toyota 4- 
> cylinder engine.
> the current S-cars get terrible mileage.  the S5 is rated at 14/21.   
> even an A5 3.2 is rated at 16/27  a corvette C6 is rated at 16/26,  
> and a Z06 is 15/24.  the new ZR1 is rated at 14/20, quite impressive  
> for a supercharged "low-tech" V8 with 638 hp.
> i wonder what our 5-cylinder turbo S cars would get if they were  
> rated under the current EPA regime.
> think audi will ever build an S-car with TDI?
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> I get low 30s in highway driving as long as I keep it below 75.
> Sounds like your Miatas are way out of tune- my car with a bad O2  
> sensor and bad temp sensors was doing about 22mpg until I fixed that  
> issue, now it's more like 25mpg. I shift at 4500 and cruise at 80-85  
> in the car, though.
> Taka
> On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 10:44 PM, Theodore Chen  
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> already got a '92 miata, had a '94 miata, and the mileage is  
> surprisingly bad for such a little car.  i got about 27-30 mpg with  
> a lot of freeway driving.
> -t
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