[s-cars] Clutch Master Replaced, difficulty shifting into 1st & 2nd gear now... thoughts?

James Murray james.murray at ericsson.com
Mon Mar 3 07:04:56 PST 2008

Just an update on this... 

Well my shifter linkage is out of alignment! but it's been a beotch to
get back into alignment. I tried with the help of Don Smith and we got
really close (1st, 2nd, etc.) shifted great but then I could not get
into reverse :-( we tried to align from underneath the car only playing
with the adjustment of the two rods, it's really tight in there. However
this weekend I played some more but from inside the car after reading
Bentely and it's also possible to make adjustments from inside the car
under the shift boot. That helped a bit more, now it's just 2nd gear I
have problems with... So I think if I take another crack at it and work
both the from under and inside the car I should be able to align it

I did later take the car to my favorite local garage, and he suggested
changing the connecting rod (4A0 798 151) and possibly the "Repair Kit
for selector mechanism" (4A0 798 151). He said this would tighten up my
shifter and make it easier to align. Anyone know of a good place to get
these parts at decent prices? 

Thanks to Don for the helping hand!

Cheers, /Jamu. 

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1st & 2nd gear now... thoughts?

James, James, James....

Obviously you have offended the Audi gods by allowing the unclean to
approach the shrine rather than performing the requisite sacrifices

Now to find the appropriate petitions to assuage their anger. You may
have to buy some dispensations....

A few things come to mind..

1. The clutch is not disengaging completely. How close to the floor is
the clutch pedal when the clutch engages/disengages? It should be fairly
high up in the travel. When I did my master cylinder, I had a hard time
getting all the air out of the system, and the pedal started off low and
came up with use as (presumably) air bled out of the system and into the
brake fluid reservoir.

2. The shift linkage is out of alignment. You don't have to get anywhere
near the shift linkage to change the clutch master cylinder, but
stranger things have happened at dealerships.

3. The dealer mechanic took it for a test drive and tried a few power
shifts. I've seen this lock up the UrS 1st/2nd gears at the ice drags.
The fix is to...drive it for a few months until it loosens back up. Go

4. Check that the dealer set the master cylinder actuating rod at the
correct length. There should be some play ay the top of the travel
before the master cylinder pressurizes the system. If not, you'll need a
new clutch before long. This wouldn't cause your shifting problem, but
it's something to watch for.

If this happens again, you can drive the car home by starting it in
first gear and shifting without a clutch provided you are not in stop
and go traffic. That's how I got my car home when my master cylinder
went. I did drive through the city, but we've got a lot less traffic
than Montreal.

Bonne chance, mon frere.


Fred Munro

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2nd gear now... thoughts?

Hi Guys,
I had my Clutch Master replaced, the pedal went straight to the floor,
got the car back from the dealer (wait before you flame me, I'll explain
below) and now it's difficult to shift into 1st & 2nd gear? any

While driving on the bridge the pedal went straight to the floor and I
was stranded and had to be towed, I was too far out to have the car
towed to a garage that I knew, and I was leaving on a trip so I had no
timje to do it myself, so I needed the car back ASAP... so in haste I
had it towed to the dealer. Well I was quoted $1600 to $3200 for the fix
(they wanted to change everything possible), I asked that only the
Clutch Master be changed (the clutch was already changed 62K miles ago),
but now it's very difficult to shift into 1st & 2nd gear...but the other
gears are okay? what could have happened?

Any thoughts? I'm afraid the dealer will claim there are other issues
that need to be fixed, "we did only as you asked" :-(

Could the shifter linkage be out of alignement? or is there an
adjustment for the Clutch Master (not engaging fully) Cheers, /Jamu.

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