[s-cars] rear bumper cover

john cléirigh john at johncleirigh.com
Wed Mar 5 18:29:20 PST 2008

Just a flat blow?  Is it a spring clip kind of fastener?  I think I'll 
wait for the snow to stop so I can wash it before kicking it.  My 
tornado paint is still fabulous.  Maybe I'll use my fist.  I don't want 
red paint coming off on my boot.  <grin>


hoog23 at aol.com wrote:
> Kick it back in (yes it works)
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> Subject: [s-cars] rear bumper cover
> I walked out to my 95 UrS today and noticed that the leading edge of the 
> driver's side rear bumper cover is about 1/4" low (right at thew wheel 
> well).  I can move the cover a little bit, but crawling under and 
> peeking my head in, I can't readily see if a fastener is broken or a 
> clip popped out nor even how the rest of the cover is attached.  I've 
> not had the covers off before.  Any advice to get it back in place?  Thanks,
> john in
> boulder
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