[s-cars] A squeaky thanks.....

Craig Lebakken lebakken at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 15:08:28 PDT 2008

This is a thank you to >I think< Mr. Baloney, who suggested that Kroil
Penephite is the only thing that can fix a squeaky C4 door hinge.

He is absolutely correct. For a year I had the most ufcking obnoxious rattle
from what seemed like the center of my driver's door. Listening more
closely, it seemed like the rattle/squeak would move forward, but it was
difficult to be sure. Pressing with elbow force on the panel or window in
different locations did nothing, even though it seemed I was applying
pressure directly on where the sound was coming from. Kept thinking
that some day I was going to have to do the panel R&R to clean things up and
alleviate the problem.

Then I was in the garredge one day, and leaned on the door while it was
open. DAYUM! There is the squeak! I hosed the hinges down with some CRC lube
I had, hoping to cure it. Then, sometime later Mr. Baloney posts about the
Kroil stuff. Another couple months go by, and I am on the Kroil website
buying the Aerokroil product to loosen a corroded bolt on an outboard motor
I have, and so ordered the Penephite at the same time.

Two days after the Penephite went on, the squeak was gone, and I haven't
heard it for a few months now. In the cabinet, I have the Kroil Aerokroil
penetrating oil, Kroil Penephite (with graphite), Kroil Silicone, and Kroil
Corrosion Inhibitor. Great stuff.

Everything else was given away or binned. The garbagebin - not the



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