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Mike Fitton rfitton at vt.edu
Thu Mar 13 13:21:53 PDT 2008

I can answer that...

Installed roughly a year ago with Big Blacks, maybe 15k on them.  Dust: 
lots, but I think it's more rotor dust than pad dust.  Noise: lots, 
ear-splitting when they're colder.  Pedal feel: not as good as some but 
I think I might have some aging parts or air in the lines.  Change with 
heat: not much; maybe slightly grabbier and quieter.  Fade: zero after 
40 minutes of high speed heavy braking driving.  Rotor wear: haven't 
measured but guessing it's substantial.


Taka Mizutani wrote:
> Paul-
> The weird squat and step sideways that the Z06 did sounds like the retard
> doesn't know how to do a proper heel-and-toe rev-matched downshift. No way
> do they do that if you know how to shift gears. :-)
> Sounds like you must have been up in the 150 range if he quit. That usually
> does it to most people- only times that didn't work for me was once with a
> CLK430 that we were doing a Bob Pastore-type 150 on the GSP (right around
> the spot where he lost it, no less) and the second with a '01 Mustang Cobra
> that blasted past me from 85 to about 135 and just kept getting smaller and
> smaller (he must have been well past 150 to do that and not stock).
> I hear those DS2500s are very nice pads- please keep us up to date on how
> they are as the miles pile on- dust? noise? pedal feel? change of feel with
> heat? fade? rotor wear?
> Taka
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