[s-cars] //S8: 0 - Mk1 ZO6: 1

Mike Fitton rfitton at vt.edu
Fri Mar 14 09:40:40 PDT 2008

I can't remember exactly.  There was a set of how to bed in your junx 
instructions online.  Might have been Ferodo literature, but it could 
have been some other pad.  I'm betting it was a Hawk document or maybe 
Porterfield.  I read it, it made sense at the time, so I did it, but I 
don't remember the details.

Yeah, the squeal is there, and it'll stay there, but when I get annoyed 
with it I just wait to brake a little later.  More pedal yields less 
noise.  What can I say?  They're super hard and durable pads.  They're 
gonna vibrate a little if you're not pooshing them.


pkrasusky at ups.com wrote:
> How'd you bed them Mike?  I'm a fan of 2 Sets of 10 60-10 stops @ 80-90%
> threshold braking with 10 minutes in between sets and after with NO
> stopping during procedure. First set, poor bite, green fading occurring
> around the 5th or 6th stop and slowly declining. Second set, first few
> stops almost put you through the window, AMAZING bite, then again, 6th
> stop or so green fading but did not continue to worsen. 
> I have 'some' negligible squeal with too little pedal application, but I
> can feather it out with my ankle.  And it was cold this a.m.  Granted
> I've not got 15k on them yet, but they're thus far much better in feel /
> performance than my Mintex Red, Textar, or OE //S8 pad(?).
> Would depend on how they're used too, of course.  I brake late, hard,
> brief, and rare 8-).  
> One annoyance so far in is I'm getting a 'scuffing' sound I can hear off
> barriers as I pass, goes away if I push pedal.  Suggestions to rid
> appreciated.
> There's a track gamer guy on AWD2 who ran a pad comp test on his //S8
> (mit Alcon's mit 20" R compound - schwing), where anyone geek enough for
> too much empirical data can surf - a wealth of info within:
> http://forums.audiworld.com/a8/msgs/81590.phtml.
> HTH.
> -Paul
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> I can answer that...
> Installed roughly a year ago with Big Blacks, maybe 15k on them.  Dust: 
> lots, but I think it's more rotor dust than pad dust.  Noise: lots, 
> ear-splitting when they're colder.  Pedal feel: not as good as some but 
> I think I might have some aging parts or air in the lines.  Change with 
> heat: not much; maybe slightly grabbier and quieter.  Fade: zero after 
> 40 minutes of high speed heavy braking driving.  Rotor wear: haven't 
> measured but guessing it's substantial.
> -Cheers!
> Mike

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