[s-cars] No heat.......'95 S6 Avant

Jim Fleischer jim at almgt.com
Sat Mar 15 10:12:50 PDT 2008

Hey everyone....
Thank you to Dan and Dave for putting me in the right direction to diagnose 
my problem.  CC code revealed a trouble code of "8.5 - Temperature Regulator 
Flap - Static Block."  Then the footnotes say that the "motor is cycled- 
software attempts to eliminate block."  Question is this.......is the flap 
just stuck, or is the servo motor fried?  Should I just try to free up the 
flap, if it is easily accessible, or replace the motor?  Will the software 
reset it by itself if I take the battery out for a while?  What could 
possibly cause this?  The car is relatively low mileaged @70K, but I guess 
things can just go after 13 years.  Thanks in advance for the help, and have 
a great weekend.

Best regards,

Jim Fleischer
'95 S6 avant (no heat)
'83 ur (1000 miles away)

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