[s-cars] Bilsteins and oil in the strut tower

Mtgadbois at aol.com Mtgadbois at aol.com
Sun Mar 16 06:55:28 PDT 2008

My last little note on this topic concerns the installation of the shock  
cartridge.  I have found that to do this right you need to make sure the  strut 
tube is clean on the inside - no dirt, rocks or crud.  For my  Bilsteins I 
wrapped the lower side of the cartridges with duct tape. When  inserted in the 
strut they are loosely-snug not firmly-tight.  When  tightening the strut nut/cap 
wiggle the cartridge to ensure you have it bottomed  out and finally tighten 
the crap out of that nut/cap.  This way they won't  work loose and rattle 
around.  My Bilsteins have been in for 60K miles and  feel as good as the day they 
went in.
Mark near Chicago

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