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Autopartswarehouse, partsbin, and a few others are all actually the same
company.  I have had one of their reps actually go through a list of a few
different websites to ask me which one I am calling from.  The last thing I
ordered from them was some brake stuff for my '01 A6.  It all came out just

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Scott Mockry at SJM Autotechnik had advertised in the marketplace a
warehouse closeout on GKN front axles a few weeks ago.  Most listers
are familiar with his web site for the great troubleshooting
section.  So, I thought this was a good way to get a good deal and
support his site as well, but only the left axle was in stock by the
time I ordered.

I was just browsing through some web sites for parts suppliers I
don't use, and came across this web site that was recommended by
someone on the list or advertised on s-cars.org -- I can't remember
the source:   <http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/>
Wow, they have the GKN axles at half of Scott's price, so I ordered
the right side online.  I get the usual confirmation and invoice and
a charge on my card, but three days later instead of tracking info I
get a not in stock notice and refund.  Just a little unusual that they
charge the card before shipping, but the finances are ok, it is
really a charge and total refund, so not a big deal except for wasted

So, looking around, I found this site from some source I don't
recall:    <http://www.discountgermanparts.com/>  The have the same
deal so I try to order the right axle from them -- ah, you already
know -- same results.  I called customer service and am on the phone
with this rep for about half an hour while they go through some
inventory list and stop to ask a supervisor something, then say no,
they are not in
stock, but the left side is definitely in stock, showing on the
managers list, not just the catalog.  Ok, I bite again, with the same
result, this after the rep gives me a discount for my trouble.  This
would be comical if it were not for the card charges and refunds.

The whole idea of this abortive deal was to get the outer CV joint
(here attached to the axle and including the inner joint) for about
25% of the usual cost, so it only meant a little more work if I have
the wrong side.  Besides, you're not likely to get the correct axle
from an online supplier anyway.

Sure, online shopping has it's perils, and these vehicles require
extra care to order the correct part as well as double check that the
suppliers catalog is correct as well, but this is a new wrinkle for
me.  Strange thing, if you check the web sites, they still have the
same listing.

Tom  '95 S6
           '95.5 S6 avant

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