[s-cars] got a new sound

Mike Fitton rfitton at vt.edu
Sun Mar 16 20:44:32 PDT 2008

Actually I already have a brand new set of these bushings sitting in my 
rossato bin.  I've been waiting for a new exhaust to install them 
though.  Curious though...I'll study on how those would cause a vibration.


Bill M wrote:
> Mike, et. al.,
> Another thought is that this vibration "could" be worn rubber bushings 
> in the rear subframe crossmember that the front of the rear 
> differential mounts to.
> I had a sort of vibration too about 55 / 60 mph.
> Fix was an overpriced but almost new crossmember from shokan.   You 
> could probably get new bushings and press them in but sorry I cant 
> help with part numbers here.
> I "think" someone may have posted them long, long ago, in a galaxy 
> far, far away.  Hey these beasts are old!
> Good luck!  These things are hard to trace.  Think it through for the 
> most probable fix before investing time and dough.
> Bill~mit dahkine vibration news~m

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