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I used the 5A fuses in "waterproof" individual fuse holders that I got from a local Marine Supply store that look like this:


As you might imagine, anything from a Marine Supply store ain't cheap, considering what it is anyway.

Hindsight being what it is, I'd suggest trying to find a waterproof fuse holder block. Much neater install I would think, and if this block had a clear housing, and accessible, you might be able to see what fuse blew without taking each individual holder apart.

I'll try to snap a pic of my gaggle of wires later and email you.

In my opinion, good move on going with the OE set-up, they ought to last at least another 100,000 miles and should be hassle free, assuming you got new POS's as well.

I'd suggest you make the splice, far, far away from the junction where the wires will exit the head at the coil pack cover.

Good Luck.

Manny "with so many coils in various states of condition that I can't keep track" Sanchez

95.5 UrS6 Avant

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>Hi list,
>After some personal debate I decided to purchase 5 OE coils for complete
>replacement and want to go with individual fuses for them.
>I know a few of you have done it from searching archives but I didnt find an
>amp rating mentioned. Hoping someone could chime in with that.
>Also, if anyone has pictures they could email, that would be a bonus. Even
>the smallest fuse holders im finding are going to grab my eye in the end,
>but I think its worth it.
>thanks, brian
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