[s-cars] Bilsteins and oil in the strut tower

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This is just one of the reasons why I back into parking spaces. And I
approach ANY suspicious ramp at an angle.

On 3/18/08, Robert Myers <bob at chips-ur-s.com> wrote:
> And that is the reason I now keep my urS6es at OEM ride height.  It
> saves front bumper covers and associated bit and pieces.   Concrete
> parking blocks and steep angle of attack intersections are pretty
> tough on lowered Audis.
> Bob
> At 01:47 PM 3/17/2008, Rit bellis wrote:
> >My bilsteins and H&R's are holding up well after about 25k.  I have
> >moved from a very rural area to the Puget Sound area, and have
> >discovered that the lowered front will not clear parking curbs,
> >which means pay attention or lose the front bumper cover.  If I had
> >it to do over again, I'd shoot for about 1/2 inch more clearance in
> >the front. > To: tedebearp at yahoo.com;
> >s-car-list-bounces at audifans.com; konecc at snet.net;
> >georgeverbryck at yahoo.com; s-car-list at audifans.com> From:
> >theringmeister at triad.rr.com> Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 13:19:29 +0000>
> >Subject: Re: [s-cars] Bilsteins and oil in the strut tower> > I have
> >the sports on my 92 along with the stock 92 springs and they really
> >are nice. They've only been on there since Nov, about 5K miles, but
> >the car is really fun to drive now. Firm, but not stiff save for
> >some of the larger areas of rough pavement. We don't have many
> >potholes down here so I can't really add much in the way of
> >first-hand experience there. > > > Wylie Bean> 90 cq> 91 90q20v> 92
> >UrS4> 01 allroad> > -----Original Message-----> From: Theodore Chen
> ><tedebearp at yahoo.com>> > Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 23:15:56 > To:Rich
> >Assarabowski <konecc at snet.net>,George Verbryck
> ><georgeverbryck at yahoo.com>, s-car-list at audifans.com> Subject: Re:
> >[s-cars] Bilsteins and oil in the strut tower> > > would you guys
> >still recommend the bilsteins? i have yet to replace my stock
> >shocks, and they have 156k miles on them. they're still ok, but it'd
> >be nice to tighten up the handling.> > -teddy> > ----- Original
> >Message ----> From: Rich Assarabowski <konecc at snet.net>> To: George
> >Verbryck <georgeverbryck at yahoo.com>; s-car-list at audifans.com> Sent:
> >Thursday, March 13, 2008 6:14:20 PM> Subject: Re: [s-cars] Bilsteins
> >and oil in the strut tower> > Many of us on this list have
> >experienced this on their S-cars. The> Bilsteins for this car
> >(either by design and/or poor manufacturing) are> prone to premature
> >wear, which results in the shaft becoming loose and> developing a
> >rattle. The quick and easy way to check this is to pull the> strut
> >mount out of the car and extend the shock. You can do this without>
> >removing the strut from the car, this is the same procedure as
> >replacing the> struts without removing the springs. > > When the
> >shaft is extended, if your struts are worn you will feel a clunking>
> >when you move the shaft sideways. It may seem like it may be just a
> >loose> nut (check that first!), but more than likely it's the shaft
> >that's> developed lateral play. I had my struts replaced under
> >warranty and while I> was at it, had the new ones revalved (highly
> >recommended). The new struts> were tight (no play) and the clunking
> >was gone. Make sure the strut mount> rubber is not torn, which also
> >frequently happens.> > By the way, since I no longer own my S4, I
> >have a custom-made tool to> install the Bilstein nuts (the ones with
> >the two notches in them). You can> tighten them by inserting a pipe
> >wrench through the spring, but the more> elegant way is to tighten
> >them through the top so you can use a torque> wrench to snug them
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