[s-cars] LWFW on B7 RS4?

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If the car is not actively controlling this rev pattern, then yes, a
lightweight flywheel will lessen this.  However, I strongly suspect that is
not the case.  This is the same way I had a stumble the first time I applied
throttle to my 2001 A6 after a cold start under load, as did a couple of
other people I talked to with '01 2.7Ts.  Audi argued with me and told me to
put 89 octane in instead of 91.  Then I finally got them to re-flash the ECU
with the latest software, and what do you know, the stumble went away.
Amazing :)  My opinion is that on the newer cars Audi, as well as a lot of
otehr car manufacturers, has wrapped software around everything they can
think of.

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I'm a newbie to the list (but not to the Audi world) in need of

We have a B7 RS4 acting strange. It takes AGES for the revs to drop.
In fact, it doesn't even drop from where it is when you go through the
gears quickly. It's almost as if you're engaging the clutch at full
throttle. Audi says "it's just the way it is", and other RS' I have
driven does the exact same thing. Supposedly, there's no software
around it either(?).

So - would a lightweight flywheel and/or 3rd party software help the
revs to drop quicker? Anybody ever done it? I assume it voids
warranty ...

Would appreciate any help enormously!


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