[s-cars] Front wheels skipping/grinding

Elvis Palombizio elvis.palombizio at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 18:37:00 PDT 2008

Howdy all,
     After finally getting my suspension back in the ride after discovering
my destroyed H&Rs, I'm still battling some suspension/steering woes..
     The first time I got the car back after getting the suspension and ECS
plates installed, I felt pretty horrible steering. The car seemed to have a
huge dead spot in the center of the steering which made the S incredibly
susceptible to pot holes and other road issues.. It was downright scary in
the snow and rain....
     After two weeks of that, the car went back to the shop.. Front end is
good and tight, alignment is dead nuts within spec... wierd, I had them
check the hydraulic pressure since my brake light would constantly come on,
and now it is magically gone even though they "didn't do anything to the
vehicle".... whatever, I'll take it.
     Now I feel a serious groan in the front end when I back out of my
driveway at crawl speeds and turn the wheel pretty hard.. It reminds me of
trying to operate a Jeep in 4wd low and make tight turns from a stop. The
wheels seem like they are skipping/stuttering on the pavement..

Anyone have an idea on what could be causing it? Alignment issue?



Elvis Palombizio
GC#: 860.288.4052

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