[s-cars] Front wheels skipping/grinding

Mike Fitton rfitton at vt.edu
Wed Mar 19 19:51:16 PDT 2008

Suspension's very different, but my second urQ did that when I first got 
it.  One of the problems was a bad upper strut mount.


Elvis Palombizio wrote:
> Howdy all,
>      After finally getting my suspension back in the ride after discovering
> my destroyed H&Rs, I'm still battling some suspension/steering woes..
>      The first time I got the car back after getting the suspension and ECS
> plates installed, I felt pretty horrible steering. The car seemed to have a
> huge dead spot in the center of the steering which made the S incredibly
> susceptible to pot holes and other road issues.. It was downright scary in
> the snow and rain....
>      After two weeks of that, the car went back to the shop.. Front end is
> good and tight, alignment is dead nuts within spec... wierd, I had them
> check the hydraulic pressure since my brake light would constantly come on,
> and now it is magically gone even though they "didn't do anything to the
> vehicle".... whatever, I'll take it.
>      Now I feel a serious groan in the front end when I back out of my
> driveway at crawl speeds and turn the wheel pretty hard.. It reminds me of
> trying to operate a Jeep in 4wd low and make tight turns from a stop. The
> wheels seem like they are skipping/stuttering on the pavement..
> Anyone have an idea on what could be causing it? Alignment issue?
> Thanks!
> E

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