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what i described will allow you to check subframe alignment as well as control arm alignment.  first you should do a quick check of camber (with the car on a level surface) to assure yourself that there is actually a difference in camber before you get under the car to do the measurements.  then do a quick check to see if everything looks normal - no torn rubber or bent parts.  assuming that you don't find anything unusual, the next step is to do the cross measurements.

i'd start with repeatable points on the suspension bits.  it doesn't matter what you pick as long as you're consistent about measuring from the corresponding point on the other side.  for example, you could measure from the center of the balljoint on the spindles.  i would choose this because it's closest point to the wheels that you can conveniently measure from.  since there's usually stuff in the way and unless you have a buddy or very nice wife who's willing to get under the car and hold the other end of the measuring tape for you, you'll need to use a plumb bob to mark the corresponding point on the floor.  i stick a piece of masking tape on the floor and use a pen to mark the exact spot.

if your control arms or subframes have shifted, you will see a difference in the cross measurements.  if you see a difference in cross measurements (say more than 1/8"), then you can measure from points on the subframes to find out whether the difference is caused by the suspension bits (control arms, track rods, etc.) or the subframes.


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   My rear tie rods have been replaced twice each because they seem to go bad within 18 months of replacement (says something about replacement parts OEM and Mayle).  so I know the adjusters are not siezed, I trust my mechanic he's my friends father and is really helpful but does not seem concerned with helping fix this.  Car to my knowledge has not been in an accident but it looks like orange peeling on roof and a paint line, but body lines up and it has been inspected by body techs.  

I dont know if the pass tire sticks out farther or if its just the tilt of the driver side wheel, I will need to measure (and post results)  but the pass wheel seems more inline with the front wheels.  driver wheel definantly looks funky to the naked eye.  I'll also check the sub frame mounts, how do you check the sub frame alignment?


  when measuring cross lateral distances in suspension should I go from struts or multiple points?  i will also check the camber degrees with a level.

thanks for the ideas, will post next week when I can get back to the car at the shop



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