[s-cars] rear wheel positions differ

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
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Check for sagging/broken springs by parking the car on a level surface and
measuring the height between the fender lip and the top of the wheel rim at
all four corners. The measurements should be equal side to side. These cars
when driven in the salt belt tend to break springs and are now old enough
for the springs to have sagged with age. A broken/sagging spring will throw
the alignment way off. I've had both front and rear springs break on my UrS

If the springs are good, it's an alignment issue due either to worn/damaged
components or worn bushings or mounts. The rear upper track links already
mentioned are a frequent wear item. The Heim end on the OEM links have a
Teflon sleeve between the ball and the socket and last longer than the
cheaper aftermarket units, which are steel on steel. I get several years out
of OEM links but only a year out of the one set of aftermarket links I
bought. You can extend the life by injecting grease through the sealing

Given that this is winter, if you have slid the car sideways and hit a curb
or obstruction with the rear wheel, you may have bent the lower trap arm on
that side. This is not so much a problem with the steel suspension
components on the UrS cars, but this type of manoeuvre gets really expensive
with the newer Audis and their aluminium suspension components.


Fred Munro
'97 S6

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   My rear tie rods have been replaced twice each because they seem to go
bad within 18 months of replacement (says something about replacement parts
OEM and Mayle).  so I know the adjusters are not siezed, I trust my mechanic
he's my friends father and is really helpful but does not seem concerned
with helping fix this.  Car to my knowledge has not been in an accident but
it looks like orange peeling on roof and a paint line, but body lines up and
it has been inspected by body techs.

I dont know if the pass tire sticks out farther or if its just the tilt of
the driver side wheel, I will need to measure (and post results)  but the
pass wheel seems more inline with the front wheels.  driver wheel definantly
looks funky to the naked eye.  I'll also check the sub frame mounts, how do
you check the sub frame alignment?


  when measuring cross lateral distances in suspension should I go from
struts or multiple points?  i will also check the camber degrees with a

thanks for the ideas, will post next week when I can get back to the car at
the shop



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