[s-cars] Front wheels skipping/grinding

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 21 12:18:05 PDT 2008

the front differential is open, not limited-slip.  the symptoms may be due to tire scrub.  the car has a remarkably good turning radius for its size, and that seems to be due to the amount of steering angle required.  at that much steering angle, the ackermann steering is off, and you'll get some tire scrub at extreme steering angles.  i noticed it the first time i drove a UrS4.  i try to avoid turning the wheel that far, as it's also hard on the CV joint and boot.

it does seem to depend on the tires, too - probably a function of sidewall stiffness/deflection as well as tread squirm.  my current tires (BFG g-force KDWS) don't scrub, while my previous set (dunlop SP8000) did.  i have 225/50/16s.


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I thought this was norma, as it is the limited-slip limiting slip. It might
just be the change in tires (tread vs no tread).

David G.

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