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Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Fri Mar 21 13:52:57 PDT 2008

This storage room has been producing some amazing products for the
marketplace.  I doubt the Rossatobin could produce this variety of  
parts.  :-)

The ecru mats were not found in the dealers parts list back in 2004,  
but Sean
Douglas provided a new number that found a stock in the JAX warehouse
just gathering dust, so I have a new set I just installed last year.   
The price
was $62.67 less audi club 10% discount.  The S4 guys complained that  
ecru for the A6/S6 did not match the earlier S4 shade. and apparently  
turned their noses up at the offering.

I would suspect that nice set would fetch twice the original price  
since they
are unobtanium otherwise, and satisfactory aftermarket replacements are
difficult to find.


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>      s-headz
> While cleaning out our storage room, I found a brand new set of  
> Ecru mats
> from my car that I removed when it was delivered in 1993 in favor  
> of a set of
> black ones. What are these virtually new mats worth?
> http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/15038/mats-1.jpg
> Hap, going to   dakine mats not from Evahbboost, Maguire

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