[s-cars] RS6 Sighting

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Sun Mar 23 12:20:07 PDT 2008

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>  Please tell me one of you in Denver did not buy an RS6 and let your teenage
>  son drive it like a maniac on Bowles today :)
>  Of course the requisite other 3 teenagers with sideways baseball caps on
>  were in the car with him.  I have never seen anyone trying so hard to wreck
>  an $80k car.  He really thought the Honda Civics presented a neat moving
>  obstacle course.
>  How does that conversation even happen....
>  Son: "Dad, can I borrow your $80k 450HP car so me and 3 of my homies can go
>  to the mall?"
>  Dad: "Excuse me while I remove the portion of my brain endowed with common
>  sense.....Sure son, have fun!"
>  geez....

The same way I got a Volvo wagon to drive around in high school?  The
one nicknamed The Shaggin' Wagon?



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