[s-cars] 034EFI Sickness- Thanks!!!

M Pederson mlped at qwest.net
Mon Mar 24 08:45:20 PDT 2008

Hey Vinnie,  I don't follow the s-list as closely as I once did (anyone want
a fairly well tweaked 95.5 black Avant wagon?). But congratulations.  Sounds
awesome.  I've been thinking that if I ever wanted to try to take the Avant
back up to warp speed power levels (it's "just" got a stock Rs2 KKK turbo
and Rs2 injectors on it now), the 034 3071 turbo would be the way to go.
The car is plenty fast now, but I'm sure the 034 parts would/could/should
add another 50-70 bhp.  The engine was built to take more power, carrillo
style rods, ported and coated head etc.

BTW I'll be in your neck of the woods at Sears Point 4/13-15 by way of
Oakland to test drive the R8s Audi DE has out there, and then back again May
20th for 4-5 days to try the new Jim Russell, Lola built FJR50.
http://tinyurl.com/2twxqm  Hey, put some wings on your wagon and come on
out, you should have the Lola hands down on power,... But you might have to
skip lunch to stay competitive on weight   :-) 

Cheers, Mike P

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   7.  034EFI Sickness- Thanks!!! (brian bilotti)

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From: brian bilotti <vinnieb2 at yahoo.com>
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Dear S-Heads,

Been a long time coming but sometimes good things take time. After finally
chasing down some electical
gremlins after 7 months then waiting for the in-house dyno to be up and
running. The numbers are in for the avant.  Here's the build sheet-
034 Built bottom end- 
    Scat rods, JE 8.5:1 Pistons, balanced Crank and
    Pistons, all oil journals and pump radiused,
coated bearings,
    rings gapped for 30lbs.
New/Stock 7A head w/water ports cut, 7A cams,
    034 High revving valve springs
RS2 Manny
Stock WG
Stromung turbo-back exhaust
Garrett 3071 BB Turbo
034 Stage 2c System
      High power coils
      57 lb injectors
Custom centrifugal oil separator w/crankcase drainback

488.5 WHP- Race Gas @ 28lbs

395.5 WHP- 91 Craptane @ 25lbs.

If you didn't already know it, these guys can make it happen.  This pig
feels 1000 lbs lighter!!! This definitely pushed the 3071?s envelope. I can
only imagine what a GT 35 would do? Thanks Javad and 034EFI 

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