[s-cars] Leaky fuel line

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 24 19:23:05 PDT 2008

The KY recall covers the line failure at the fuel filter, not a failure at
the rail. However, you should report this to the NHTSA. They take fuel line
failures very seriously and if they get enough complaints they will order a
recall. The KY recall only applied to the USA, but when the line in my UrS4
failed and Audi Canada refused to fix it, I contacted Transport Canada, sent
in info supplied by list members on about 10 failures, and they had a
Canada-wide recall issued for all UrS cars within two weeks. The inspector I
was dealing with told me they took fuel line failures very seriously, and
from the speed at which they moved it appears that they do.
Oh, and calling back the "Customer Rep" at Audi Canada and saying "nya, nya,
nya" was very satisfying...petty, but satisfying.

Fred Munro
'97 S6

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I had a somewhat different experience from my nearby neighbor, Marky Mark.
The dealer (Rockville Porsce-Audi) originally told me it was covered, but
they then pointed out that the recall did not involve the section of line
where I had the leak. I also have a 95.5, the UrS6's need to have the entire
rail replaced, which as you may know is mega $$$. Mine was leaking at the
swaged just before the line reached the rail. I tried going to a local
hydraulic repair shop (Cauliflower) and they would not touch it with a 10
foot pole (liability probably).

In the end, we removed the swaged connection and placed some 25 cent hose
clamps on it. There is a barb on the hardline under there.

The dealer told me that for liability reasons, they could only replace the
entire fuel rail section and they could not just repair the leaking line.

Marky Mark, what dealer did you have success with, just curious.

95.5 UrS6 Avant

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>Yes I have pre KY recall...If that is not appropriate for all dealer work I
>dunno what is!  Pardon the digression.  I took my 95.5 to the delaer
>to my office at that time in Alexandria, VA and the took care of it without
>batting an eye citing safety concerns.  Not a penny, now the equivalent of
>nickel out of my pocket.
>I sold the green machine but if providing you with the VIN and the
>dealership that took care of it would perhaps help you out getting it fixed
>gratis I would be glad to dig it all up.
>Lemme know,
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>Hi crew
>My 95.5 has developed a leak at the fuel line junction fittings near the
>rear of the head where the line branches off to the injectors.
>Is this the leak covered under the old recall or was that someplace else?
>I am assuming a competent hydraulic hose house can rig up a fix.  Anybody
>have a recommendation or perhaps dealt with this leak before?
>Thanks in advance
>Aaron (no good hose houses around here..)
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