[s-cars] Crap, I gotta sell

Harold McComas HaroldMcComas at comcast.net
Tue Mar 25 07:56:43 PDT 2008

I got a '96 S6 bought in 2003. Recently NH started doing OBD2 inspections 
for emissions, starting with, ta-da, '96 and newer cars. So it looks like by 
Nov I have to be rid of the car (inspection due by then). If I was living 
back in ND this would not even be an issue.

I wrote the state asking if I could get an exemption and they in turn 
contacted EPA who basically said: " I would have to PROVE that the car was 
legally imported" and around inspection  time I would need to produce such 
documentation. Problem is, I don't think the car was ever legally imported. 
Some Canadian bought it , took it to TX . I assume he worked there a couple 
of years then sold or traded it, then it went to a guy in Mass and now I 
have it.  I contacted a Registered Importer, one who has specifically 
imported a 1996 S6 and he pretty much told me I was SOL or I could spend 
5-10k to try install OBD2 ( ya right).

So, the question now is what to replace it with? I want to stay in the 
VW/Audi family, I still like the S6. However I really, really want a Europa 
Blue sedan none has come up in the last 6 months or so. Another Cashmere one 
would be OK too. Don't really care for the Black ,Pearl White and Red. My 
dad had 3 green cars in a row so I don't want one of those either. I could 
swap some of my parts on the new S6 depending on what it came with.

A newish A4 w/ 1.8T or 2.0T and quattro might be another possiblilty. My 
friend is going to let me borrow his 2006 GTI for a week, that would let me 
know if I would even be interested in the newer GTI/GLIs. I had a '85 GTI 
for 16 yrs and put 240k miles on it.

I would have to buy another car first as this is my only car.

Harold M
96 S6  Cashmere Gray
Manchester, NH 

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